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  • Where can I download the Robot Factory?
    You can download the Robot Factory in your course overview on the learning platform. In Phase 2 Level 1 there is also an additional download option, since this is where you will be working properly with the Robot Factory for the first time.
  • May I search the internet for suitable information about the orders?
    Of course! Some assignments will even send you to relevant websites where you can gather information - just remember to write down the sources you use!
  • When will I get the password for the next level?
    You will get the password for the next level when you have successfully completed the previous level and agreed all tasks with your teacher. Your teacher will then receive the new password from us and pass it on to you if he is satisfied with your work.
  • Who do I contact if I don't know what to do?"
    You can always write to your teacher or your classmates and ask for advice. If no solution is found for a problem, there is always the option of contacting Simply Genial. We will then try to find a solution together. Contact details Simply Genial gGmbH: Phone: 0511 / 5430 5988Mail:


Klick-Dummy der Robot Factory für Schüler

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