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Can you transfer Juna's storyline to the modern workplace?

Discuss your ideas in class and bring them to the workshop.

Events / Dates



Due to Corona, the 4th round will start in January 2021!

Dates will be announced later...


Course of the workshop

Pupil workshops

1. Presentation of the project

clarification of open questions

2. Division into start-up groups

Creation of a concept for answering the company's questions using the Simply Brilliant method

3. Consolidation of how the concept will be completed and presented to the company

Entrepreneur workshop

1. Presentation of the project

clarification of open questions

2. Create a video for the students to do the assignment

3. Discussion of the daily routine for the students in the company

Digital tools at Simply Genial


3D printer




CAD programs


VR glasses

Piktogramme_Smart Pen.png

smart pen


Overview: 1st round

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practice days

On the practical days, the individual groups of students presented their work results to the companies directly on site. There were great results, some of which the companies can implement directly. In addition, the students gained a deeper insight into the company on this day and received information on training opportunities. Some groups of students have put their skills to the test in practical everyday tasks and have also noticed how much fun the work is for them.


The first company workshop with 11 companies took place on February 25th, 2019. In open and modern premises, the company representatives developed task videos for the young people in a great atmosphere.


The second company workshop with 9 companies took place on February 28th, 2019. In a great atmosphere, the company representatives exchanged ideas in a committed and motivated manner and developed a task for the young people.


On March 11, 2019, the IGS Garbsen was on site with 22 young people to work on the tasks of the companies. Everyone was motivated and focused and at the end each group took their milestone plan home with them.