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With the Einfach Genial EG Studio, we want to support students and trainees who want to gain initial experience in the field of game development.

Here, young people can learn from working in a team, develop their skills and collect references for their own portfolio.

This is what you can expect from us:

For everyone:

  • Development of a video game in Unity

  • Various projects, from creating the first prototypes to polishing an almost finished game

  • Contribute ideas

  • Playtesting

  • Developing concepts for games and features

  • Working with Unity and Unity Version Control

For artists:

  • Creating 3D models and 3D animation

  • Creating sprites and images

  • Texturing

  • Inserting assets in Unity

  • Creating trailer videos

For programmers:

  • Programming with C# for Unity

  • Implementing new functions and improving old ones

  • Creating UI

  • Inserting assets in Unity

  • Inserting music and sounds

... and much more!

Who can apply to us?

If you are studying 3D art, game programming or game design or if the content of your studies matches the above-mentioned tasks, then you can apply to us!

It must be a mandatory internship as part of an apprenticeship/study program. Please note that we are generally unable to remunerate internships.

We do accept international interns! You should have a good knowledge of German, as we speak German at work.

Mobile office is permitted if approved by the university or school.

One more note: Please note that Einfach Genial is a non-profit organisation and therefore we only use open source software (see EG Studio). However, experience in other, possibly paid programmes such as Photoshop, Maya or similar is helpful, as it makes it easier to familiarise yourself with open source software of the same kind. It should be possible to use a student licence for paid software as long as this is permitted by the publisher of the software. Except for 3D modelling, where Blender must (!) be used.

How do I apply?

Send us an email with your cover letter, CV and some samples of your work, e.g. downloadable files, videos or photos. We want to see who you are and what you like to do!

Contact: Malay Keophilavanh (

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