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The EG Studio of Einfach Genial gGmbH is a department of the company consisting of students from all over Germany.

The EG Studio is responsible for the technical management and realisation of virtual projects, video games and other exciting tasks such as 3D animations, short films, websites and much more. In the EG Studio, students can gain experience in the field of game development. 3D artists, game programmers and game designers work here.

Interested in an internship at EG Studio?

Lucas Mohr

Creative Director EG Studio
Game Artist

Director, Game Artist, Scenario Writer (Mars Mission)

We develope:

  • Video games and apps

    • From concept to publication

    • For Windows, browsers, Android and iOS

  • 3D models and 3D animations​

  • Websites

  • Videos


Software we work with includes:

  • Blender for modeling and animation

  • Krita for image editing

  • Unity for video game development

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